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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 9, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> we're trying to get close. >> the san bruno pipeline explosion one year later. how a neighborhood torn apart by a fire ball is trying to rebuild. >> reporter: good morning. i'm christie smith live in san francisco. the 10-year anniversary of the september 11th attacks is just around the corner. no specific threat in the bay area, but security will increase. we'll tell you where, coming up in a live report. >> and the woman accused of taking the life of a hayward nursing student is bringing life into the world. a live look outside this
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morning. friday, september 9th. this is "today in the bay." >> well, good morning to you. i'm scott mcgrew. it's 4:30. we have somber anniversaries this weekend. let's get a forecast first with meteorologist christina loren. >> we're mild, we have fog in the north bay but it's going to be a relatively comfortable weekend. we're watching for the development of thunderstorms this afternoon, all the way from san francisco through the inland cities. we'll talk about that coming up. 57 degrees right now in livermore. let's check your drive first with mike inouye. >> good morning, christina. we have had an accident the chp has been helping get off of the roadway for about 45 minutes now that has just reported as clearing from the roadway so 101 north of 680, that incident is clearing. the rest of the south bay with construction, those situations are changing even as we speak. 237, the latest to clear.
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we'll follow this over the morning. back to you. >> thank you much. just days before the tenth anniversary of the september 11 terrorist attacks homeland security investigating what it calls a specific credible threat. our sister station in new york city reports, homeland security is checking out a report that three people will be traveling from pakistan to the u.s. to carry out an attack though nothing has been confirmed. the possible threat may involve bridges or tunnels and car bombs in new york city and washington, d.c. new york mayor michael bloomberg says memorial events will go on as planned under heightened police presence. >> law enforcement here in the bay area also stepping up patrols. christie smith is live in san francisco with a look at how the attacks ten years later are changing the way we handle security. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, scott. happy friday. you know, no threat at all here that we're hearing about in the bay area, but with the tenth anniversary of the september
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11th attacks coming up, you will see increased security with agencies like b.a.r.t. they put out a press release saying that, basically, riders are going to see more police patrolling and not just b.a.r.t. officers but outside agencies in parking lots, b.a.r.t. stations and bus zones. you'll see dogs that sniff for explosives. the transportation security administration is pushing this operation rail safe is what they call it. last year about 32 states took part. they share intelligence information and best practices to be ready in an emergency. or heightened alert. there's a lot going on in san francisco this weekend to commemorate 9/11, civic center, the 9ers game, the giants game and also in golden gate park. san francisco police, they are also saying that they certainly have the resources to keep people safe but they are trying to limit police overtime while doing that. at sfo and the golden gate
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bridge they are mixing up things but the public they say basically won't notice changes, of course you talked about on the east coast a report of a possible threat. again, not the case here in the bay area. but we're told you are likely to see the added security at least through monday. scott. >> christie, thank you very much. another anniversary, one year ago today, a fire ball bursting from a gas pipe changed the landscape of san bruno and the lives of those who lived there. the scars still healing today. we now know a 30-inch section of pg&e pipeline exploded hurling a chunk of the pipe 75 feet in the air incinerating 38 homes, eight people killed, 58 injured. pacific gas and electric exposed as ineffective. the federal government plames pg&e for bad welds and inadequate inspections leading up to the blast. the crestmore neighborhood is starting to rebuild but it's a
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slow process not everyone has decided to return. bob redell has that story. >> reporter: when the pipeline erupted a woman, eight months pregnant who only lived a couple of blocks away. >> suddenly we heard this loud explosion. >> reporter: wrapped her young children. >> reran for our life. >> things have been up and down. >> reporter: betty still struggles with the horror of that day. >> telling everybody yeah, i'm fine, i'm fine. >> it's been hard. i won't lie to you. it's been hard. >> reporter: like betty, has been in therapy for post traumatic stress. >> when that flame came through. >> he watched as a ball of fire -- >> we're dead. >> reporter: hurdled toward him and his family. >> it really bothers me to this day. >> did you expect to feel this way 12 months later? >> no. to have my life back, you know.
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>> reporter: today he almost has a new place to call home. >> why move back? >> you know, it's a wonderful neighborhood. with really wonderful people. >> reporter: they agreed to rebuild what they are calling their dream home. only after pg&e decommissioned the ruptured gas transmission line. >> house is looking beautiful. >> they are among just a handful of families who have begun reconstruction so far. >> we really wanted to come back and make a statement. we knew we needed to change the house significantly so the kids weren't traumatized. >> we also love this neighborhood. >> ground zero right there. >> every time they look out the windows, they'll be reminded of the day their neighborhood caught fire. >> it's difficult. it's tough. our friends have left. people have perished. so you know, yeah, we're happy to be back in the neighborhood. we're happy to be building a nice house but at the same time you are tempered by wow. >> i'm not going to let this
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take away from my style of life and the people that i've come to know and care about very much. >> we will have more coverage on the san bruno explosion today during a special broadcast san bruno fire remembrance and recovery, that's this afternoon at 4:00. 4:37. the lights are back on in parts of southern california after a massive power outage left millions of people in the dark from orange county and san diego to parts of arizona and mexico. blinking lights at intersections causing gridlock. on freeways, two nuclear reactors automatically shut down. the san diego airport grounded all of its flights, leaving plenty of people stranded there. and here in the bay area as well. >> we were like what? so we were bummed about that, yeah. called the kids at home, told them what happened. they told us what happened, but they didn't -- we didn't know that our flights were canceled. >> the outage started after a
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high volt an power line between arizona and california was knocked out of service. we checked with all three of our major airports here in the bay area, all three tell us there will be another hour before they know for sure how many flights are canceled or delayed due to that interruption. last night sfo, eight departing flights, three arriving canceled, at oakland four, southwest flights canceled, san jose, three flights canceled, one delayed. >> another eventful night in the ongoing b.a.r.t. mess. protesters not happy. commuters not happy with the protesters. now police are cracking down. the protest was supposed to get started at 5:00 at the powell street station. police shut it down at 5:30. close to 30 people were detained including some reporters covering the protest. at least half a dozen college students were assigned to cover the protest as a journalism school project. b.a.r.t. stations in san
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francisco had been hit with weekly protests for much of the past month. protesters calling on b.a.r.t. to disband its police department. also protesting b.a.r.t.'s decision to block cell phone service at one of its stations. >> today the former classmate accused of killing nursing student michelle le will be in court to face murder charges. giselle esteban was supposed to be arraigned yesterday, instead she went to the hospital for a scheduled appointment. she is pregnant. police say esteban killed michelle le who disappeared may 27 from kaiser hospital in hayward. police have not mentioned a motive but esteban is on record saying she blamed le for ruining her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, the father of her 5-year-old. staes ban has denied any involvement in le's disappearance. >> it's 4:39. let's check in with christina. >> good morning. we actually have a nice looking weekend shaping up for us. something interesting in the weather department.
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finally. we're going to see similar temperatures to where we ended up yesterday. i think the north bay will be about 5 degrees warmer, the northerly flow coming in. we have high pressure over the pacific northwest, an area of low pressure situated over nevada. the two combine creating a good deal of instability. we have subtropical moisture surging up from the south. we're going to see some thunderstorms, especially over the higher elevations. even san francisco, you might see a few of those cumulonimbus towers. temperatures in the 50s, 54 in novato, 53 in napa. a comfortable morning. we're going to warm up to 70s by noon, staying comfortable, 74 degrees in san jose at lunch. then on the warm side in san jose, 84 later on today. 88 in gilroy. i have not gone warmer than 90. i think it's going to stay around 90 in livermore and fairfield. tomorrow we drop off a little bit. i've got the seven-day outlook ready to go and we'll talk more
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about where the best chance for thunderstorms are as we head throughout the weekend. first, let's see if it's friday light or light because it's 4:40. >> the combination. negative traffic, no, just kidding. a nice flow of traffic. i do want to point out the 18-minute drive to the toll plaza. we had an unusual flow right here. there was a little backup in a couple of spots. at the topmost recently but cash lanes had slowing over the last 15 minutes. right now no major drama. light volume here. probably likely though the cash lane is not yet open there. a look at the maps, construction through berkeley might cause you slowing but only a lane there. 880, the transition on 980 is closed as we've seen, that should reopen about an hour from now. 680, we have a lane or two closed at the most as you head through the area north of danville and up to walnut creek we have a nice flow out of the altamont pass. 13 minutes for this drive westbound but east bound this
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afternoon many folks head to the central valley and that will likely cause slowing out of livermore and in toward tracy, starting at about 3:00. >> coming up, bringing apple space ship camp down to earth. the people not thrilled about the biggest building planned near their back yards. a man with a plan, will it work? why some are skeptical of the president's job bill. hey, your high speed internet here, at home... ...and on the go... ...with some really big news. it's b-i-g -- big. high speed internet from at&t at home... ...includes wi-fi access on the go. woo-hoo! [ together ] it's an unbelievable deal. well, gotta go. but wait -- there's more... [ female announcer ] go to the website below today and get high speed internet for the unbelievably low price of just 14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's all the speed you need at a great price. you can chill online at a park. here, pidgie, pidgie.
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>> as you look at a live
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picture, the hp pavilion. 4:44. we'll check back with mike and everyone coming up in a minute. this morning lawmakers divided after president obama's push for a package of tax cuts and new government spending to create jobs. >> it's not just democrats who have supported this kind of proposal. 50 house republicans have proposed the same pay roll tax cut that's in this plan. you should pass it right away. >> $447 billion package larger than expected includes a bigger cut in pay roll taxes as well as new spending on public works. the plan also calls for $140 billion in rebuilding roads and bridges and fixing up schools. republican leaders are skeptical but not rejecting the plan flat out. >> we believe in small business tax relief to create midded class jobs, in all that i believe there is some common ground. we can set aside the kinds of things that we disagree on. >> the president says he'll put
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together a super committee to come up with a strategy to pay for the plan over the next decade but likely a mix of tax hikes, trimming medicare and medicaid. meantime, a bay area company once touted by president obama as the future of american innovation now the target of a federal investigation. hours before the president's jobs speech the fbi served search warrants at the company's headquarters of solyndra in fremont, it does appear the search has something to do with the company's federal loan guarantees. solyndra burned through $535 million in low cost federal loans. it announced it was planning to file for bankruptcy and abruptly laid off more than 1,000 workers august 31. >> a look at news before the bell let's turn to courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you. futures are slightly lower after yesterday's losses. stocks dropped after fed chairman ben bernanke failed to
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provide additional details how the central bank may try to stimulate this economy. investors will take time out to dissect president obama's jobs speech you mentioned. asian markets were lower and europe continues that trend. we're waiting on one piece of data, whole sale trade. the dow fell to 11,295, the nasdaq off 19 points to 2529. the tenth anniversary of 9/11 falls on sunday, the financial markets will mark the occasion today with moments of silence. the parent of the new york stock exchange will hold a global opening bell in new york, amsterdam, brussels and paris with moments of silence at 9:25 am eastern, nasdaq will have a moment of silence, the minute after the second world trade center tower held. 8:46, 9:03, 9:59, and 10:29 a.m. how much juice does it take for
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google to power your web searches? youtube videos, g-mail. quite a lot. 2.3 billion kilowatt hours. last year enough for 200,000 houses. google's releasing its energy figures for the first time. while the number sounds huge, executives say critics should consider google helps the world save energy, nearly a quarter of its energy comes from renewable fuels. scott. >> thank you much. meanwhile, let's talk apple. apparently not everyone in cupertino excited about apple's plans for a new campus. 100 people packed a meeting to voice concerns about the so-called apple campus 2. people worried that the $2.8 million donut-shaped building will bring too much traffic to the area. some people even suggesting a new apple exit for interstate 280. more hearings will be held. apple wants city approval in time to start construction in late 2012 so it can open in
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2015. christina has a look at the forecast. >> good morning. i think they deserve an underground tunnel for all of the amazing things they do and keeping the silicon valley good. we're looking good. high pressure is in control of our weather pattern. but we're still seeing the outskirts of this area of low pressure here pulling in that subtropical moisture. we've got a lot of instability, and as a result we're going to see thunderstorms. everything that i looked at does lead me to believe at least over the south bay mountains i think that we're going to see the cumulonimbus towers into the evening and maybe isolated thunder. 54 degrees in san francisco, 57 degrees now in hayward as you make your way out the front door in sunnyvale you don't need a jacket. it's 60 degrees there. and we have a little fog, down to one mile visibility in santa rosa. because we're dealing with less
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cloud cover to start, warm spot today in the north bay. 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. everywhere else about the same. the fog layer, the marine layer starts to push out to sea by about 11:00. so we're going to get a little break from the cloud cover. but what's happening is another area of low pressure is pushing in at the same time. so that means the fog will be back early by about 6:00 p.m. this evening. 84 degrees in san jose, 79 in fremont and 71 degrees in oakland. when it comes to thunderstorms, if you live in the high terrain you do have a better chance. we see that enhancement. as we head through the next couple of days, friday, saturday afternoon into the evening hour, that's going to be the best chance for thunderstorms. then on sunday we still have a very slight chance, maybe 10% to 20%, i think we'll see isolated activity. 80 degrees by monday. leveling off through next week, staying seasonal. >> thank you. i said 2.8 on that million on that apple campus. if they build it for that i want to talk to the contractor.
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coming up, private medical records of thousands of patients posted on a public website for more than a year. the bay area hospital with lots of explaining to do. >> scott, we're looking at the oakland coliseum where the circus is in town. we might have crowds, but right now nothing major for 88 o. i'll show you where there are shifts going iv a loke >>lo a live look at the golden gate bridge, the usual fog at 4:51.
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>> welcome back to you as we take a live look at the control room. stanford says a spread sheet with confidential medical records for more than 20,000 er patients was posted on a commercial website more than a year. the hospital says the record somehow got passed from a hospital billing contractor to a website that lets students pay people to do their work for them. it was "the new york times" that caught it. the information posted on the site includes emergency room admission and discharge dates, medical record numbers and billing charges but credit card, social security numbers not posted. the information has been taken off of the site. the hospital's mailed out letters to the affected patients who visited the hospital between march and august of 2009. >> this morning a berkeley woman is behind bars accused of slashing the tires of 74 cars in oakland in berkeley including a few on the street where she lives. 33-year-old mandisa monroe
4:55 am
charged with felony vandalism. a security camera caught her slashing tires. police say they searched her home, they found items connected to the tire slashings. we've been covering this vandalism in past newscasts and neighbors pointed to her as a suspect. >> let's check in with jon. a look at what's going on. good morning. >> good morning, scott. we're following a number of stories this morning. one year after a pipeline ruptured, the neighborhood still trying to recover. efforts are under way to make sure something like this never happens again. we have team coverage from san bruno this morning. also, as the 9/11 ten-year anniversary, tracking down a credible but unconfirmed terrorist threat. we'll follow the latest on this all morning long and show you how the bay area is taking precautions. plus, hundreds of thousands of people in the southwest are without power after a massive
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outage and carol bartz cuts loose on the board that fired her but the question is will it cost her millions in severance. >> we'll try to quote her as best we can. a while back we brought you the list of most stolen cars in the country today. we give you a list of cars that thieves can't or don't want to steal. according to the highway loss date institute, the least stolen cars are the volkswagen, cct mini cooper club, the bmv, audi 4 wheel drive, the company says audi, lexus, bmw have excellent ignition immobilizers which keep the cars from being hot-wired. as you know from any movie you reach under the dash and grab a bunch of wires and do this. >> and then it starts. exactly, scott. we watched the same movies. we know that. the giants game, the only issue going on now. the warning about the giants
4:57 am
game, getting into the city, that's easy and you can get to the stadium easily. but the stadium's not going to be full till this evening so a while to wait. no wait across the golden gate bridge. north to napa where we've been tracking this accident which might be an issue. silverado trail at oakville cross road. a tow truck went off the road. they called and said can you send someone with chain saws. we need to cut the brush. >> and a tow truck. thank you much. well, coming up "today in the bay" with jon and laura in two minutes. do i look like someone who is at risk for heart disease ?
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well, guess what ? i am. heart disease took my dad's life, but it doesn't have to take mine, because 80% of cardiac events in women may be prevented if we make the right choices. 80%. you may not know you're at risk, but one woman dies every minute from this largely preventable disease. help bring a voice to this silent killer. speak up to save lives at >> new this morning, one year ago today, san bruno was forever changed by that deadly pipe line explosion. good morning. i'm marla tellez. i'm going to tell you where people are going to gather


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